Chaos and Creativity started at bar in Northern California. Kimi Recor and Lou Lesko were drinking and yammering on about the ups and downs of being a professional creative and thought the discussions might attract an audience. The perspective of the duo is unique in that the two are just about a generation apart, as such their experiences coming up through the industry ranks have been radically different. Yet, they share many of the same elations and frustrations. The podcast comes out twice a month and the blog is updated a bit more than that, depending if anyone can get their sh*t together to write and interesting article.

Kimi Recor is a musician and artist living in Los Angeles with her two cats and a collection of vintage synths. In her free time she likes to empower women through her musical collective, Play Like A Girl.

Lou Lesko is an American photographer and writer and the founder of BlinkBid. He started shooting pictures in the fashion industry when he was nineteen years old, later expanding his m├ętier to include photojournalism so he could travel to splendid places on someone else's dime. His work has been published worldwide and has been recognized as "pretty gosh darn good" by a few award bestowing associations. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California's writing program, a Lowell Thomas Award winner for photojournalism, and a former editor-at-large for National Geographic Assignment.